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Welcome to Loudoun Physical Therapy

Loudoun Physical Therapy is a physical therapist-owned outpatient orthopedic physical therapy clinic recognized as providing the highest quality up-to-date therapies and orthopedic rehabilitative treatment. LPT provides a family-like atmosphere and specializes in one-on-one treatment, manual physical therapy, aquatic therapy, dry needling, and sports medicine for all age groups using state-of-the-art equipment, programs and services. Loudoun Physical Therapy has won numerous awards such as "Best Physical Therapy Practice - Best of Loudoun", "OpenCare Patient Choice Winner", "Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce's Service Business of the Year", and "Small Business of the Year". Many of these awards several years in a row. Loudoun Physical Therapy remains committed to restoring fitness and wellness in our patients.

You are always welcome

Loudoun Physical Therapy has two convenient locations in Leesburg and Lansdowne that are well equipped to relieve many types of pain and help you get to the activities you love. We offer accident and injury rehabilitation to help you recover from a variety of health issues including, sports injuries, back pain, auto-accident injuries and work-related injuries. No other physical therapy practice in the area can equal the combination of certification, training and expertise offered by the staff of Loudoun Physical Therapy. And no other physical therapy practice offers the level of personal attention our patients receive, which starts with the warm reception you receive when you first walk in the door and extends through the entire time of your treatment.

We take the time to answer your questions and work closely with you and your healthcare provider to meet the challenges resulting from your physical condition and get you on the path to recovery and health. We're here to help solve your pain problem and provide you with the rehabilitation expertise to return you to your normal routine. That's what we do. When you need us, we'll be here. For experienced pain relief and rehabilitation, call Loudoun Physical Therapy today.

No Prescription Necessary

You can now begin physical therapy WITHOUT a doctor's prescription. Click here to find out more about Virginia's new direct access to physical therapy.

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"Two years ago, I thought my life was over, and my children were suffering
along with me. Without your help, I know I would have been facing surgery for
my chronic back pain. I cannot describe what you have given back to me and my family.
Because of your help, we will be able to have another child. No amount of money can
ever repay you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" -M.G.

"I was hurting when I started therapy I can now drive and do things I like.
Thank you all!" -R.S.

"My lower back was injured in a fall and although nothing was broken, I was having
a great deal of pain and mobility problems. With physical therapy and deep massage,
I am now stronger than ever and able to resume all my previous activities." -M.L.

"I was in a car accident about a month ago and sprained my shoulder and
pulled a muscle in my neck. My pain has decreased about 80% and I still
have a few sessions to go so I'm sure I will feel 100% after. I am very happy
that I chose to do PT here and would highly recommend this practice to
anyone in need. Thanks!" -S.A.

"I honestly love coming to my PT sessions. The staff is friendly and amazing." -D.K.

"Thank you for getting me back on my feet after my spinal fusion!" -M.P.

"We are like family here. My therapist has a God-given talent. I feel so much better
now and can't wait until I can do dry needling again. I love how I feel afterwards." -J.R.

"My experience here has been very successful - despite the interruptions
in the first few weeks of my therapy. It has truly been good for me in many
unexpected ways I had no idea how poor my balance was until being tested
here - Scary!! Everyone has been supportive, encouraging,
and I really will miss coming here." -M.W.

"When I came in November, with a running injury, it was my first injury and I was in
so much pain, thought the pain would never go away. At the assessment I was told
it was probably an IT Band injury I learned how to foam roll and followed up with therapy
3x a week for about 5 weeks. Each visit I felt better,
continued exercises at home and by end of December was pain free." -B.B.

"I have successfully rehabbed and recovered from 4 hip surgeries. I recovered
in half the time my doctor said I would. I am currently getting my ankle sprain
and torn ligaments to 100%." -K.S.

"I just had my first dry needling session. I noticed that later on that night my knee
seemed to be more flexible and I could bend it with more ease and with less pain.
Today at therapy, my knee measurement was 125; it was barely 120 previously.
I plan on having additional sessions." -P.L.

"The entire team was excellent. They took the time to work with me and help me
reach my recovery goal. I expect to be back on the Appalachian Trail in April
(5 months post op from a right total hip replacement). I hope that I will not
have additional surgery or require physical therapy, But, if I do, this office
and the team will be my PT of choice." -M.M.

""We LOVE Loudoun Physical Therapy and it's a GREAT team!" -B.E.

"My wife and I have been coming to Loudoun Physical Therapy on and off for
over 4 years for various different injuries. The therapists here really devote their
attention to clients and their needs rather than talking about their
own personal issues." -M.R.

"Outstanding set of exercises and massages. Knew exactly how to approach
and solve the problem. Exercises were easy to do but targeted the sore
spots and resulted in my back being no longer sore and stiff.
The staff was a delight!" -R.S.

"I started at Loudoun Physical Therapy with pain in the knees. Thanks to
Loudoun Physical Therapy, I was able to establish a training program to
strengthen my lower extremities. I have been able to run in comfort again
and feel great. I have a great workout and am able to enjoy my
outdoor activities again." -J.K.

"I really do look forward to PT! I's not easy, but I am seeing improvements.
I'm slowly strengthening my core through exercises that are carefully thought
out by each therapist. My therapist pays very close attention to my pain
management and makes effective changes to therapies as needed. I am very
impressed with all staff members, they are very kind and pleasant to work with." -M.M.

"Excellent! The entire staff is wonderful!" -S.S.

"Starting requires an understanding of whats in store and it came across
very well. As I progress, I can see what they are doing and how they are going
to get you thereā€¦ So far so good!" -B.L.

"I started this program in October 2015 with 6 broken ribs and a fractured
scapula on my left side. My right side suffered from pain in my neck and right
shoulder down to my fingers in my right hand. Today (6 months later), I can move
freely without pain. I have been able to work with appliances and enjoy my recreational
activities with little or no pain. I am very thankful to the techs and therapists who have
taken extra care and effort to help me with my injuries. They are miracle workers." -L.M.

"When I started my PT, 1 month after rotator cuff surgery, I did not imagine
how much progress could be made in such a short time. Within two months of
starting my PT, my functionality improved dramatically. The care provided by
Loudoun PT was excellent and I attribute much of my progress to their treatment.
Everyone at Loudoun PT treated me with respect and very professionally. I am
very happy with my progress." -R.S.

"So when I first came in to physical therapy, I thought it was going to be
impossible to go back to the way I used to be. I definitely feel a lot
stronger than my first day here and is so blessed to be able to do more
thanks. I want to thank all of my therapists for helping through this
impossible journey and putting all their work and effort into me.
I would recommend this place for anybody who needs help." -P.S.

"I had a great experience here. I felt that the PT, PTA, and assistants
were very knowledgeable and helpful. I made progress and if I need
physical therapy in the future, I will definitely come back. If I know of
anyone who is in need of PT, I will recommend Loudoun PT." -B.B.

"I feel 100% better than when I started PT. The staff here have been so
helpful. You guys saved me!!!" -C.C

"This was my third or fourth round of PT here and as usual it was very
successful. The therapists are very professional as are the techs.
The atmosphere is warm and friendly with everyone's attention focused on
the patient. I would highly recommend Loudoun PT to anyone (as I have
several times). I hope I won't need your services again, but if I do,
I'm sure the results will be just as good." - M.R.

"My therapist's dry needling has given me comfort in my knees and
shoulders. I can sleep without using ice or heat. Outstanding job. She
has a God given gift." -J.R.

"This is my second experience with Loudoun Physical Therapy. I kept on
coming back because of the people working here were very nice and
accommodating. They will never fail listening and attending all your needs.
I thank you all for bringing my energy back. I felt so wonderful that I can do
my usual physical activities. And I thank my therapist for taking care of me." -I.P.

"Loudoun Physical Therapy changed my life, I can finally lift again,
thanks to my therapist." -N.L.

"I feel so much better then when I came in here. Bit scary at first because
of the pain. Then I met all the people who helped me where I am now.
Everybody was so kind and helpful... it takes very special people to do this
job and do it so well! All were very respectful - friendly - very kind and mindful.
Thank you so much!" -R.K.

"I'm totally happy with the progress of the healing of knee. Both the Aqua
and land therapy staff were very good in their instruction and follow up.
Especially helpful was my therapist and therapist assistant!! All staff were very
interested in me and my progress - a real caring shown. Other kudos to the rest
of the practice. I'm thrilled with my recovery!" -E.C.

"Bottom line up front: Thanks to everyone for helping me regain functionality
after having my left shoulder replaced on 12/1/15. Just as my wife had
recommended Loudoun Physical Therapy to me, I will
recommend it to others." -G.H.

"It's been nothing less that amazing. My pain was so bad when I began
coming in and since has turned into a very manageable pain. The exercises
you showed me are working. So excited to feel better again. Thank you." -J.S.

"I signed up because I have excruciating (at times) pain in my right
shoulder and going down my arm all the way to my thumb and index
finger. Also, much pain in my shoulder. The staff couldn't be better In the
care they have given. I give them an excellent rating." -E.M.

"Coming there for right shoulder pain and limited ROM. The pain
is still there, but the ROM has improved to 100%. I have full ROM." -B.P.

"My problem began with a sciatica "attack" that left me with pain
and weakness on the right side. The pain is all but gone, and the
weakness appears to have gotten somewhat better. I'm not expecting
rapid restoration of strength, but I look forward to small improvements
over the next few weeks of therapy." -M.L.

"It has been wonderful. My therapist is a hard trainer but effective.
I have learned many ways of doing things differently. I hope to
continue my progress!" -J.J.

"I really enjoyed working with each and every one at Loudoun
Physical Therapy. I saw a new therapist who did my dry needling as
well as one visit. She always went above and beyond to make sure
I was comfortable. Again the staff has been wonderful and amazing
at supporting me while going through this process!" - C.G.

"Everything is going great. Everyone is very nice and helpful in my
recovery. I think the way they slowly increase the weights and exercise
is helping as well." -K.C.

"Excellent! Could not be any better." -S.W.

"My therapist's dry needling has given me comfort in my knees and
shoulders. I can sleep without using ice or heat. Outstanding job. She
has a God given gift." -J.R.

"I really do look forward to PT! It's not easy, but I am seeing
improvements.They pay very close attention to my pain management
and make effective changes to therapies as needed. I am very impressed
with all staff members, they are very kind and pleasant to work with." -M.M.