About Us

About Us

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.....Multiple Therapies to help you return to the life you love.

No other physical therapy practice in the area can equal the combination of certification, training and expertise offered by the staff of Loudoun Physical Therapy. With two convenient locations full of the equipment you need for recovery and wellness, our specialized programs can successfully assist you with a variety of health issues, including sports injuries, back pain, auto-accident injuries and work-related injuries. Because your session is the most important thing we have to do that day, at Loudoun Physical Therapy, you'll receive the benefits of a full session, not one tailored to meet a deadline.

Why choose Loudoun Physical Therapy?

Whether it's a sports injury, post-surgical rehabilitation, an auto-accident injury or a work-related injury, your condition could benefit from physical therapy to help restore normal function to your body. By coming to Loudoun Physical Therapy, you are in the hands of experienced people; people who truly care about your health. Our director, Genevieve Griffin, is Leesburg's first board-certified orthopedic physical therapist, which she achieved after five years of therapy experience and rigorous testing.

Loudoun Physical Therapy is equipped to relieve many types of pain and offers accident and injury rehabilitation to help get you back to the activities you love. But as important as it is to relieve your pain and return you to a normal routine, it is more important to find the pain's source. That's where our staff shines. We've got the people, the experience and the facilities to customize a program for long-lasting pain relief and successful rehabilitation. We can help find the cause of virtually any pain or perform the necessary rehabilitation therapy.

Convenience by design.

When we sat down to design Loudoun Physical Therapy, we put ourselves in the shoes of our patients. Every step of the way, we asked ourselves, "How can we make it easiest for our patients to get fast, effective pain relief and rehabilitation?" Those early meetings, and our ongoing discussions, have produced what we believe is the most comprehensive set of conveniences and amenities our patients will find anywhere.

For Your Convenience

At Loudoun Physical Therapy, we don't want anything to stand in your way on the road to good health.

It's the little things.

Part of what makes the Loudoun Physical Therapy experience so rewarding is not only the skill of our therapists, but the personal attention afforded each one of our patients. It starts with the warm reception when you enter our office and extends to taking whatever time is necessary to answer your questions and helping to meet the challenge your physical condition has presented. And we are proud to report that many patients have achieved results here after attending therapy sessions elsewhere.

You are always welcome. We're here to help solve your pain problem and provide you with the rehabilitation expertise to return you to your normal routine. That's what we do. When you need us, we'll be here. For experienced pain relief and rehabilitation, call Loudoun Physical Therapy today.

Mission Statement

The mission of Loudoun Physical Therapy is to provide patients with expert, comprehensive, and collaborative evaluation and treatment for musculoskeletal conditions of the spine and peripheral joints, and with a commitment to excellence that was proven by being recognized as Best of Loudoun, OpenCare Patient Choice Winner, Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce's Business of the Year and Service Business of the Year.

Vision Statement

The vision for Loudoun Physical Therapy is to provide exemplary and expanded wellness and health promotion services for all families in Loudoun County through the expertise of professional staff with an entrepreneurial spirit and a lifetime commitment to upholding high standards of clinical competence

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