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The alternative to painful and expensive surgery


Get better, faster, and longer, without surgery or medication


Manage or eliminate pain without use of
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Make an appointment with a physical therapist without a doctor referral

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in Virginia you can go to physical therapy (PT) without a prescription

Virginia's New Direct Access to Physical Therapy

You can come directly to physical therapy for 30 days without a prescription

It's simple. Call our office to make an appointment. All you need is to identify a doctor to whom you would like us to send a report to on the day of your first appointment. You can then be seen for 30 days of physical therapy before the doctor needs to write a prescription. It's that easy.

DIRECT ACCESS enables you to see a physical therapist without a prescription for 30 days...

Can I come to physical therapy without seeing a doctor?
Yes, you can come to physical therapy for up to 30 days without a prescription.

After that can I go to physical therapy again for the same issue?
Yes, after a 60 day waiting period.

Can I see a physical therapist for another new condition?
Yes, for up to 30 days without a waiting period.

Can I see a physical therapist for maintenance, health, fitness, and wellness (a non-insurance covered service)?

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