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image of manual therapy on plantar fasciitis

Aquatic, dry needling, sports rehabilitation, pre & post surgery, vestibular, range of motion and more. Loudoun Physical Therapy is your premier full-service physical therapy private practice. Our staff is trained to efficiently rehabilitate a variety of conditions.

Help for Many Conditions

We have the solution

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Loudoun Physical Therapy is big enough and diverse enough to handle just about any pain problem or rehabilitation need you may have, but not too big to provide the personal attention you deserve. For you, it means comprehensive pain relief. Whether it’s chronic back or neck pain or a work injury, we’ve got a treatment for prompt relief for your pain.

Some of Our Therapies

Children are patients, too.

treat both children and adults

Our young patients have special needs, from the special manipulation required to improve their affected areas to simply overcoming the lowered self-esteem caused by their condition. Effective results for both are accomplished by helping adolescents overcome the fear and uncertainty of their treatment and guiding them toward small, child-sized goals.

We are an extension of your doctor’s care.

Physicians who refer to Loudoun Physical Therapy can be assured of the highest level of communication and care for their patients. We keep your doctor informed and aware with regular status reports on your rehabilitation progress. Your doctor can rest assured that we’ll manage your rehabilitation professionally, compassionately and effectively.

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