TMD/TMJ Therapy

TMD/TMJ Therapy

TMJ often causes severe pain and discomfort.

We Can Help You Both Sleep and Function Better

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Our physical therapists will develop a program for you based on relaxation, stretching, and releasing tight muscles and scar tissue that includes both learning and practicing techniques for regaining normal jaw movement. If you are having TM joint surgery, physical therapy can also help minimize scar tissue formation and muscle tightness.

Physical therapy techniques may include:

  • Strengthening jaw muscles and improving flexibility and range of motion.
  • Improving blood circulation, reducing swelling, and relieving pain in the jaw using various modalities.
  • Relieving overall muscle tension through targeted massage.
  • Improving posture and correct jaw alignment through various training methods
  • Applying transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), which is the application of a mild electrical current to the skin over the jaw joint. This electrical current is thought to interfere with the body's pain signals. TENS relaxes muscles, improves blood circulation, and relieves pain.
  • Releasing scar tissue that restricts muscle movement and improves range of motion through movement of the temporomandibular (TM) joint.
  • Reducing pain and swelling and improving circulation through the use of ultrasound therapy, which uses high-frequency sound waves directed to the TM joint.

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