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Success Stories

Our patients love us and we love our patients. See what our patients have to say about our practice.

Rated 5/5 based on 6 customer reviews
THIS PLACE ROCKS!!!! The staff was extremely professional. They were always concerned about my pain level. They ALL said therapy shouldn't hurt and it didn't. I had a complete hip replacement. They got me back to better than pre surgery levels. They were LOL friendly and did an amazing job. I will miss coming here.
November 8, 2016
Knowledgeable!!! They explained every step they took and made me feel comfortable.
July 23, 2016
Having a long history of back issues, Loudoun Physical Therapy has been superb in their treatment and resolution of my many back problems. Highly recommended!!!!!
July 20, 2016
I have used Loudoun Physical Therapy for three different events over the past 16 years. Each time I have had excellent care at both the Leesburg and Lansdowne offices. I have recovered well from each event due in large part to their careful evaluation and implementation of the therapy plan. I highly recommend this group for anyone's therapy needs.
July 19, 2016
Great people. Top notch care. Professional care that gets results. I have been treated for a few issues and Loudoun Physical Therapy always got me back to 100%. I highly recommend them to anyone needing physical therapy.
July 19, 2016
I was suffering with tendonitis for months before I went to PT. After only a few sessions of PT and dry needling, my arm feels completely healed and I'm able to resume all the activities I like.
April 28, 2016


Grateful Patients Speak Out

"The staff at Loudoun Physical Therapy greatly contributed to my strength and growth. Dry needling has been an effective technique for my particular injury. I have witnessed my strength increase and overall pain decrease. Thank you all for your help and support!" - K.Y.

"When I first started therapy I could barely take a step without a loud pop from my knee. Now I feel so much better. My knee only pops once or twice a day if that. What a difference. I feel like my old self thanks to my therapist." - J.R.

"I have less pain in my hip. The exercises have helped a lot. Thanks to everyone. I feel very good. It has been a pleasure to come here and meet all of you." - P.F.

"When I started 3 months ago I was in pain on a daily basis. Even simple tasks such as driving, sitting at the dinner table, and sleeping were painful. With the help of aquatic therapy, physical therapy, and dry needling, I have slowly regained my ability to function without pain. After only 3 months of therapy I am back to normal. I can walk, jog, workout, drive, stand, and pick up my four year old daughter without even a blink. The physical therapists at LPT know their stuff and they somehow made all the work enjoyable. They are friendly and I feel they genuinely care and love what they do." - H.K.

"When I came in the first day, I was in a lot of pain. I couldn't even walk. So much stress and pain in my foot. I could not stand too long and had problems walking. After therapy, I am feeling much better. Now I am having no pain at all. I just want to say thank you to all of you. You are doing wonderful work." - R.K.

"The physical therapists at this location are the best. They are knowledgeable and professional, but most importantly, they are compassionate and understanding. I couldn't ask for better ever." - V.D.

"My story is a success! I had my knee replacement in October. I had pain for six months. My doctor recommended I have physical therapy for one month, 3x/week. I had fluid, swelling and scar tissue. My therapists worked very hard to get the swelling down and help the scar tissue. I had 2 wonderful therapists who worked on me (they deserve a raise). I always felt great when my sessions were finished. Everyone who worked there was so professional. I would certainly recommend LPT to anyone who would need it. Thank you so very much for my great care!" - M.V.

"Absolutely the best thing I did for myself after back surgery was coming to Loudoun Physical Therapy. The staff is amazing and I will miss them! I have learned so much from them and will continue working on my own with what they have taught me. Thank you!" - D.R.

"Very pleased! Experience pleasant. Therapist very friendly and made me feel they really cared about me. I am happy I chose Loudoun Physical Therapy. Would do so again if needed. Thank you!" - C.R.

"This is my first time ever to go to physical therapy. Instantly, I felt comfortable and knew I was in 'good hands' from the start. I have made a lot of progress in the past three weeks, thanks to my therapists! With their expert care, I am confident I will get through my temporary physical 'inability' in no time. Thanks too to the entire staff - the caring, friendliness, and professionalism they all provide is outstanding. The Best of Loudoun award is well deserved! Thumbs up from me!" - E.C.

"Today a miracle happened. My 96year old mother took 10 steps forward. This is the first time after a severe femur break in October 2016. This was possible because of the amazing physical therapists that worked patiently and diligently with her over the last 2 months. Bravo! Here's to mom who has regained her confidence and these ladies that convinced her it was indeed possible. I can see why this practice has won the Best of Loudoun! What an amazing group of individuals who CARE so deeply to see a patient's success." - R.F.

"When I came here, I was with deep shooting back pain. My therapists helped me with exercises. I worked hard. Now my pain is gone, but still I am doing exercises. I want to keep them and continue for a few more months. Eventually, hard work pays off. Last but not least, thanks to my therapists. Do work hard and keep yourself fit. Thank you!" - S.S.

"Loudoun Physical Therapy has been a tremendous help in rehabing my shoulders back to full strength. They provide excellent attention to detail, and provide each patient with a personal touch. I'd highly recommend Loudoun Physical Therapy to anyone looking to return to full strength." - T.W.

"After the car accident, Loudoun Physical Therapy helped me regain my strength and return to Tae Kwon Do." - J.L.

"You people are truly "number one". Over the years you have helped me maintain my sanity, patience, and better functioning (living) without pain. This is success for you and me, performed in a calm, caring, intelligent way due to your complete assessment of my problems, and your printouts of exercises which I do some daily. You all are truly professionals in many ways. Thank God, thank you, and God bless you!" - R.K.

"When I entered the doors of Loudoun Physical Therapy, I could barely walk without extreme pain in my ankles and feet. Six weeks later, I can make it through the day without any pain. I have been able to return to many of the activities I previously enjoyed: hiking, biking, tennis. Thanks to all the wonderful staff at Loudoun Physical Therapy. I will always be appreciative of your friendliness and competencies." - J.K.

"After the car accident, I found it painful and difficult to sit at my desk or drive for more than 10-15minutes. Working weekly with my therapists helped me return to my normal activities and full-time work. Thank you Loudoun Physical Therapy!" - R.L.

"Last day of physical therapy!!! A sad day but exciting day. A heartfelt thank you to all at Loudoun Physical Therapy in helping me get back from a severe sprain of the right ankle. Thanks again you are all the best." -S.J.

"The staff of LPT did a great job of getting me back to my normal activities after my surgery. All of the staff were very caring and attentive and played a great role in my recovery." -D.H.

"Thank you all for everything you have done to help me." -I.K.

"Absolutely wonderful experience, made progress each week. I learned some excellent exercises to keep me on track. Love the staff!" -S.R.

"My care at Loudoun Physical Therapy was excellent. My therapist was attentive, knowledgeable and thorough. She was always concerned about how I felt and worked on me accordingly. The staff were a big help during my exercises. My care was excellent and I would definitely recommend Loudoun Physical Therapy to anyone." -B.G.

"They say as you get older you get wiser, or how many times have you heard, "I wish I knew then what I know now." Life is a journey with many bumps along the way. What makes us who we are is how we deal with those bumps and impasses that define us, our character. Life is a marathon not a sprint and as you read this don't mind all the spelling errors, I'm not an English teacher. But one thing I do know is how grateful I am for the caring, wisdom, knowledge, and whole lot more from the staff at Loudoun Physical Therapy. There are no weaknesses at that practice from front to back. I can never thank you enough for helping me get back to where I was. I will include my experience here in the book. I'm writing about my life and my time in Law Enforcement and the military." -D.F.

"As a scoliosis patient, I needed to strengthen my core which was very weak. This impacted my ability to stand and walk for any length of time. The core-building and aquatic program LPT gave me has reduced any pain, strengthened my core, and gave me more confidence and increased my strength and stamina. The LPT staff is courteous and confident." -J.H.

"Three weeks ago, I walked in with a bad knee. Now I feel brand new; I had a great experience." -W.C.

"This is my first time here so when it was determined that I needed physical therapy I chose to come here. The staff truly listened when I tried to explain my pain. They followed through with appropriate treatment. I cannot express enough my gratitude to the staff here. Their knowledge, compassion and patience were outstanding. They encouraged me when I felt defeated and it made all the difference. Truly a marvelous staff from the front door to the back room. Thank you so much for giving me my quality of life back. I could not have done it without your knowledge and help." - H. B.

"Care was very good. Listened to my concerns and acted upon them. Knowledgeable, professional. Everyone was helpful and caring." -K.J.

"My PT story starts nearly 3 years ago when I tore the labrum in my hip. I went through 3 different sets of PT before I came here. I can now say that I am back to 100% strength thanks to Loudoun PT! I did dry needling for my hip, which helped relieve the pain so I could do a more aggressive form of PT. I also started Tae Kwon Do which only made my hip stronger. I am very thankful for everyone here at Loudoun Physical Therapy for making my story a success!" -A.B.

"I want to thank my therapist for getting me back to normal. For several months I suffered from bilateral tendinitis in my arms. After visiting my doctor to complete a nerve study to better diagnose the source of the pain with no success, my therapist knew exactly what I needed to become well. I began receiving dry needling at the beginning of January 2017 and got immediate results. I was impressed with how quickly the pain diminished and my range of motion increased. I am very thankful to have my physical therapist. She is very knowledgeable and has a great bedside manner. I highly recommend her and the Loudoun Physical Therapy team for physical therapy. I would not go anywhere else for treatment." -L.B.

"I came into Loudoun PT with an extremely sore hip, quad, and calf on my left leg. The PTs here were extremely encouraging and explained everything patiently and thoroughly. Within a few visits I felt my left leg strengthening and the pain receding. These guys are great. They introduced me to several new exercises that pinpoint my weak spots. Thanks Loudoun PT!!" -G.N.

"Praising, praising God and my doctor. My hip replacement was done at the end of my rope… bone on bone, head of femur had collapsed. I heard my bones rubbing and making noise, could hardly walk. After surgery and physical therapy, I am back to doing almost everything I used to do 2 years ago. The LPT team worked on my scar and flexibility with compassion and enthusiasm to see me getting more and more active and happy with no pain. Now I can go back to do yoga that I was used to doing stretching and flexibility. I do not need a cane, and hardly have to take a Tylenol for pain, only occasionally. Wonderful service. They are wonderful." -C.M.

"I am so blessed to have had the chance to receive care from Loudoun Physical Therapy. Over the past few years, I have had lots of elbow pain and back in October 2016, I had Tommy John's UCL surgery. I started my PT right away. The staff was always so kind and helpful. Even though I am not 100%, I am pretty close!!! I am so excited to be flipping and swinging soon (I am a gymnast). All thanks to Loudoun Physical Therapy." -S.W.

"I came into Loudoun Physical Therapy with bad lower back pain. The doctors thought I had a herniated disk. The therapist was able to see that my pelvis was out of alignment and after 3 months of therapy at Loudoun Physical Therapy I was in less pain. They taught me appropriate exercises. I'm so glad I found this awesome therapy group which I highly recommend. Thank you!" -B.C.

"I spent 18 months dealing with my shoulder pain on my own with the situation only getting worse. 2months of therapy at LPT and now I can sleep, work, and do things I love without pain!" -L.G.

"I have been very satisfied with my treatment and the pleasant and courteous service I have received. I am always leaving feeling much improved." -L.M.

"Everyone was extremely helpful in getting my knee functioning as I recovered from a bad break. They helped me regain strength and flexibility as I progressed from crutches to walking on my own. They worked well with my doctors, and explained each stage of the progress. Thanks for everything!" - B.C.

"I came in post-op 5 months after working with a different therapist and feeling worse. After one visit with Loudoun Physical Therapy, it was clear they knew what they were doing and how to get me on a plan to feeling better! Working with my therapists has been fantastic and I'm so glad they've been able to help! My back feels 100x better since working with them." - A. A.

"It has been a pleasure to work with my therapist in resolving my neck issues. She is an accomplished and extremely knowledgeable physical therapist who goes out of her way to listen to your concerns. She is thorough in her approach to the therapy needed and does a wonderful job. I would not hesitate to refer she and Loudoun Physical Therapy to anyone needing physical therapy. May I also say how much I appreciated the efficiency and courtesy of all the staff! Good work!" - L. H.

"When I first came to the therapy session, I had unbelievable pain in my right leg and my back. Today is the last day for my physical therapy and I feel great. No pains anywhere. I think the Loudoun Physical Therapy staff for an outstanding job." - G. R.

"I walked the whole Women's March yesterday. a great joy. I could not have done it without your help, so thank you. (But boy do I know where my hip muscles are today.)" - L.M.

"I am finishing up today. I feel so much better. I did not think PT would help my lower back pain, I was so wrong, it has helped so much. I feel I'm ready for yard work. Everyone was great. My therapist was so kind with me." - S.F.

"I came in with a classical shoulder impingement. Nina and staff have been great with diagnosing and treating the pain and lack of range of motion. My shoulder pain has decreased significantly and range of motion has almost returned completely. I feel I am at almost 90% recovery." - R.V.

"I had knee pain for several months. I decided to try PT. The exercises they showed me reduced my swelling which in turn reduced my pain. My stretching became easier. My pain is very minimal now. Thanks to everyone who worked with me." -L.S.

"When I first came to Loudoun PT, I was experiencing daily pain to a point where I felt like crying (and I can tolerate a lot!) Nina and all of the people here have made such a difference to my quality of life and ability to do my job as a Preschool Special Education teacher (which is physically demanding). The staff here was very welcoming, friendly and patient, as they worked with me and made sure I did my exercises correctly. I appreciated that Nina could be "tough but compassionate" with my treatment. Although I don't expect to be completely pain-free (age and arthritis), the difference I feel is tremendous, and I'm able to do more of my activities that I had stopped. The team was also good about trying different things with me (such as having me try using a cane), in order to get the best results. Thank you to all!" - K.F.

"As an older person, I was concerned that my recovery from total knee replacement would be painful and not very successful. However, after a few visits to Loudoun PT, I found myself looking forward to my sessions. The main reason was the truly outstanding staff. From the receptionists to the PT staff everyone displayed a true caring to all of the clients. They work very well and compliment each other's knowledge and skills as they share responsibilities, each demonstrating extraordinary care for the clients. As I finish up my therapy I truly believe I greatly benefitted from the knowledge, skills, and personalities of this exceptional team of professionals at Loudoun Physical Therapy. Thank you all!" - J.A.

"Very speedy recovery thanks to the specific strengthening exercises. Great instruction. 80-100% improvement in strength, stability, and flexibility. Great therapists and interns! Thank you for relieving my pain and getting my knee to work as well as before my injury/surgery. Friendly, relaxed atmosphere." - L.C.

"I am able to walk and get in/out of the car without pain now. The staff is great and the therapists are very good. I enjoyed working with my therapist and would definitely come back (but hope I don't have to… haha)." - L.J.

"I can't believe I've spent 5 months in the loving care of the LPT therapists! Pre-surgery and after, I was always met with their smiling encouraging faces! I never missed and never minded the any hours I spent here! All of the staff of this facility are #1 in my book!" - S.D.

"Really appreciate the practical work done on my left foot, pain persisting there 20 years due to a chronic planar fascia issue. Dry needling is forcing the muscles to relax and ease my pain. I'm so grateful to the staff here for their quality work!" - B.M.

"I've worked with the wonderful staff at the Lansdowne office. They evaluated my arm due to muscular pain. The massage, exercises, dry needling, and GameReadywere excellent therapies for getting my hand and arm back in shape. By the way, I find your staff to be more professional and attentive than the staff at other physical therapy practices." - M. G.

"I bless the day I started getting treatment from Loudoun Physical Therapy. The personnel have provided me absolutely outstanding service all of these years and have kept me mobile even with all my issues. The personnel in that facility truly have "Healing Hands/Fingers" and have contributed greatly to allowing my body to move and walk more freely without as much pain." - A.T.

"When I first came to Loudoun Physical Therapy I was in constant pain. It was difficult to deal with daily life. Now after having weeks of their gentle and thoughtful care, I am feeling great. The exercises really made a big difference in my life. Nina and several other of the staff are to be praised for their wonderful work. Thank you to all of them!" - B.E.

"I came in with limited mobility in my shoulder and a fair amount of pain. I am leaving able to do the vast majority of things that I would like to do physically. Many thanks to all the LPT crew for helping me." - K.M.

"When I first started physical therapy, my range of motion was very limited; so limited that I could barely get my right arm in any form of movement. I could barely lift my arm to reach into my kitchen cabinets to grab a plate or bowl and blow drying my hair was difficult and took twice as long. But after completing physical therapy, I have my range of motion back and am able to do everyday tasks with my right arm very easily and oftentimes without thinking about it!! Thanks to my awesome physical therapist - she is the best!" - H.B.

"I was mentally low as I was physically agonized when I hurt my back, and though I was skeptical at first, it became clear very quickly that I was in good hands, seriously. Every visit to Loudoun PT has resulted in a stronger and stronger me; they really know their stuff! Everyone at Loudoun PT has been incredibly supportive and outstandingly friendly. I can neither thank them enough for the progress I've made nor for the hope they've restored. I feel so much better, I've not been able to stop singing their praises. I definitely hope to avoid injuring myself again, but I know exactly where I'd go if I do! Loudoun Physical Therapy!" - J.N.

"Definitely a success story - last visit my walking returned to almost normal w/o discomfort. Competent and caring staff made all the difference. Thank you!" - D.F.

"I came in for evaluation with limited stamina accompanied by weakness of my legs. Just walking to a store from the parking lot produced a feeling that I could not take another step. I withdrew from activities with friends. No hiking or walking. Now I am involved in life in comfort and anticipation of the next fun time. My gratitude to all the staff and let's just say, 'Thanks!'" - M.B.

"Unable to walk or even move following hip surgery, the team at Loudoun Physical Therapy have started me on a journey to my full recovery. I feel great! And will be back for all my other injuries in the future. Thank you!" - S.G.

"My husband and I are both looking forward to me being able to do yard work pain free. No excuses now!" - T.S.

"We're so thrilled with Sage's progress. Her therapist took such great care with Sage during therapy - and was always encouraging and kind. We credit her with getting Sage back on her feet after extensive foot surgeries! Many thanks!" - R.M./S.N.

"I started at Loudoun PT a few weeks ago and I am so thankful for you all. I had my 2nd hip replacement and could not go to the previous PT place I had gone to before. I called around and you all accepted my insurance and was a little leery since I was used to the other place. But, to my wonderful surprise I found you all are far better than the other place I went to. I love how you change the exercises up each time and really take the time to find out how I am doing. You have me push hard for my own good and I am so very thankful for that. My therapist is just wonderful. I love working with her and I can tell she really cares about her patients. And, she is so smart and knows exactly what she is doing. Honestly, I cannot thank you all enough. I still have a lot more appointments to go to so I can get my strength back, but I really feel like I am making progress. I went and saw my doctor on Friday and told him you all were by the far the best around!" - N.H.

"I came to LPT with limited expectations given the amount of pain and inability to exercise, and never having PT before. Little did I know the expertise of a therapist and the old adage that exercise/strength building improves many things. My therapists are both very passionate about what they do and knowledgeable in all aspects. I now have NO knee pain, and back to my regular exercise routine and couldn't be more pleased! Will definitely recommend the LPT team! Thank you!" - D.R.

"I re-injured upper left back. The first time I did not seek therapy and needed 5-6 months to recover. The second time I sought LPT's help after a month. Within 3 weeks, 6 sessions, my pain was completely gone. Staff was knowledgeable, professional, friendly and all around great to work with." - P.K.

"I had total hip surgery on 5/24 - received physical therapy day 3 post-op. Very good experience the entire 3 months. Excellent staff with exceptional PTs. Nice atmosphere. I will definitely recommend LPT!! Thanks for everything!" - C.E.

"After I dislocated my shoulder for the second time in a year and a half, I knew I had to take my physical therapy more seriously than I had before. So given a recommendation from my stepfather, I stopped in to Loudoun Physical Therapy and I've been very happy with my results in terms of my shoulder and I've been even more satisfied with the care that I received from the helpful and friendly staff. Very glad that I chose this physical therapy place." - T.D.

"Coming here was a great decision. When I pulled my hamstring in my soccer game, the staff took great care of me and helped me get back to 100%!" - J.M.

"When I came here it hurt to walk, sit, run, and stand. I'm practically pain-free now, and I'm working on running." - B.O.

"Thank you for helping me get relief from my shoulder pain. It took longer than expected, but you folks were very patient. I'm not completely pain-free, but I have a path forward. (Just keep the GameReadyon stand-by just in case)." - C.M.

"I came with pain. I left with no pain. The massages, stretches, and ice did wonders. Thanks. I like that I was given follow-up exercises to continue to strengthen and improve." - K.G.

"I am so much better after the care and treatment for my knee pain. My therapists have been EXPERTS in the rehabilitation process. Professional, compassionate, and fun! Thank you for the process!" - B.J.

"Absolutely awesome experience!! The front desk staff is always kind and willing to go above and beyond to help. The therapists were AWESOME!!!" -C.S.

"Excellent therapy sessions are quickly resolving my knee and ankle problems." - M.M.

"The staff at Loudoun Physical Therapy is professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. They make me feel comfortable." - S.K.

"I came into Loudoun Physical Therapy with pretty severe lower back pain and shoulder pain. After only about 8 weeks I feel almost 100% better. The therapy wasn't difficult or painful, but beneficial and easy to complete exercises at home. I am so thankful and grateful to Loudoun Physical Therapy. The staff are amazing! I am glad I am feeling better and no longer need therapy but I truly will miss the staff." - C.C.

"I enjoyed my time with LPT. The staff was professional and helpful. All my questions were answered promptly and courteously. I'll try to keep up with my exercises to maintain the level of relief that has been achieved during my time here. Thanks and best wishes to the whole staff." - M.A.

"After my 1st appointment I knew I loved the staff. I felt comfortable, at home, and the treatment is working!" - C.C.

"I've been here many times before and always recovered 100%. Appreciate the professionalism and the expertise of your staff." - C.G.

"The treatments have decreased my pain considerably even when I walk a lot. I do not limp as much and I can stand straighter." - E.T.

"Very positive experience, thoughtful caring staff. Feeling better after four visits." - L.P.

"I feel challenged and encouraged. This is my first time with any therapy. I am cared for and feel safe." - M.B.

"I must admit that it was with some anxiety after my knee replacement surgery that I embarked on my first experience with physical therapy. From the point of my first assessment to this concluding review, I have been impressed with the professionalism, concern, and kindness shown by everyone who has been involved in my care. From the front desk to the therapists involved, I want to say thank you for your care. I feel now that with their care and direction, I have been able to recover from a major surgery and am now in the best condition I have been in years. When asked in the future about my experience, I will tell others of the special care provided at LPT. This is a success story made possible by the individuals involved in my care. I would give my personal endorsement to any of these wonderful professionals." - T.H.

"The people at Loudoun Physical Therapy are great people. They care about the well-being of their patients. They helped me with my neck and back and I felt much better after my care accident. If I have to go back to physical therapy, I will recommend LPT." - V.P.

"I attended Loudoun Physical Therapy for a little over a month and have come a long way. After tearing some ligaments in my ankle 3 months prior, the therapists were able to get my ankle back to 90%. I am definitely a believer in PT and am thankful for such a caring and hardworking group of therapists! They helped to regain my confidence levels and pushed me continuously till I was fully healed. After injuring my ankle playing basketball, I am confident that I will be able to play in the fall with a strong and healthy ankle! With a little bit of effort and determination, you can heal your body! PT has taught and showed me just how resilient the body really is and that it's truly a team effort between the patient and therapists! I am thankful for each and every one of them!" - K.C.

"This has been a very pleasant experience. The Physical Therapist are very professional and seem to really care about their patients. I have received very good care from Purvy and Courtney and will recommend this facility to my friends." -K.R.

"The attention and treatment that I received during my short time in Physical Therapy was outstanding! The concern shown by the staff was very personal! Thank you" -D.A.

"I became a patient on June 3 and was discharged on June 24. The care I received from Nina was very good and the front desk staff & assistants were professional. Thank you !" -C.S.

"In February of 2016, I hurt my IT band in a high school basketball game. I continued playing through the season, severely increasing the pain. In March, I started PT at Loudoun Physical Therapy with a lot of pain and frustration. After 4 months of coming here, stretching, working, and seeing the lovely faces of these wonderful people, I recovered and am now ready for my first year of college basketball. Thank you all at Loudoun PT, love you; you all rock!" -E.G.

"I had a spinal fusion & disk replacement surgery due to a ruptured and herniated disk. Having had physical therapy in the past due to sports-related injuries/surgeries, I was skeptical the PT would help. After working with my therapists for a couple of months, I am now fully recovered from surgery - full range of motion, zero pain, and I'm seeing significant progress in my strength conditioning. I am very grateful for their help. They are not only very professional and knowledgeable but very pleasant to work with. Thank you for all your help and support and encouragement!!!" -T.B.

"I've had physical therapy (land) many times before, but the aquatic therapy has made a marked improvement in my overall strength and pain control. The added land therapy reinforces the advances." - E.P.

"Well, I came here in so much pain that I cannot even mention. But these people worked hard on me. They made it easy for me to tolerate and get the ability to take care of myself again. I am so appreciative and happy. What a change these people make in my life. I was totally disabled and the doctor told me I had to do surgery immediately. Now I can manage my life and move better with less pain and more mobility. I cannot say and thank them enough. Thank you for your land help. Love ya guys." - F.E.

"The therapist and support staff restored my fitness level to pre-injury levels and in many areas, improved levels to a higher level. Flexibility and core strengths were the most notable improvements. The staff has put me in a position to manage my physical health with daily routines." -S.A.

"After my injury, I had limited range of motion and couldn't lift any weight. Three months later, thanks to the excellent program put together by my therapists, I have full range of motion and am nearly back to normal with weight bearing/lifting. Thanks everybody!" - A.K.

"I came to Loudoun Physical Therapy to address issues with runners knees in both my legs. I had strained the tendons behind the kneecaps making it painful to run, climb stairs, and squat. The exercises and massages began a successful healing and strengthening process for my legs. These exercises also taught me better habits for warm-ups and broadened my knowledge of how to stretch and exercise. Both my therapists took good care of me and always asked about my status of pain, home exercises, and counseled me on how best to train and heal. While I am not completely cured, this has taken me a long way to better fitness and confidence to manage my workouts and understand my limitations. Thanks to all who assisted with my recovery. I highly recommend this organization for their knowledge, advice, and kindness!" - G.A.

"I came in here barely able to walk properly. Three months later, thanks to Loudoun Physical Therapy, I was healed and enjoyed every moment here. Definitely a fun group. 10 out of 10 - would recommend." - S.A.

"Therapy an outstanding success. Came in with serious mid-back pain. Provided a series of exercises that improved my condition with every session. It became fun to do the exercises. Therapists were great, very knowledgeable. Back massage they provided made the improvement speed up. Outstanding overall experience. Therapists made it happen." - R.S.

"After spinal fusion on C5, C6, and C7, I had much stiffness and weakness in my neck and shoulders. The heat and massage treatments gave relief from those symptoms. The exercises helped strengthen the muscles and brought back most of my flexibility. I never had much pain so I can't speak to that, but most discomfort and soreness is gone." - J.B.

"I have been fortunate to have my physical therapist for the last 3 months and I just wanted to thank your office for the excellent care. I started physical therapy due to severe back pain which resulted in emergency room visits and appointments with an orthopedist. The orthopedist recommended physical therapy. I initially went to a different pract for therapy (not associated with LPT). At the first appointment at the other practice, the physical therapist did not do any type of assessment, did not spend time talking to me about my pain and just put a heating pad on my back for 20minutes, so I decided to find a different practice. At the first appointment at LPT, my therapist did a very thorough assessment and began therapy that day. The therapy helped even after the first visit. Staff was very nice and worked with me to make sure that the schedule fit my needs. When I first started therapy for my back, I could not bend over, carry anything, go for my daily walks, or do any light housework. I was in constant pain. I am now able to sleep at night and do all of the above in moderation as I was doing before. After being discharged for therapy for my back, I had to return for shoulder pain from tendonitis/torn tendon. The pain was so severe that I could not lift my arm. I could barely use my arm at all due to the severe pain. I could not use my right arm when washing my hair and I had trouble dressing. I could not do any light housework. My therapist again did a thorough assessment and at one point even consulted with my rheumatologist regarding his recommendations. With the physical therapy, I am now able to lift my arm and am able to do all of the things I was doing before. In addition to the therapy, my therapist has taught me the best exercises to use for both my back and shoulder. I have been able to go back to water walking in the pool as I was doing prior to the back and shoulder problems. In addition to doing the exercises at home, it has been very helpful to have the exercises to do when I am in the pool. I greatly appreciate the care that I received at Loudoun Physical Therapy." - U.K.

"Three months ago when I came to the therapy centre I was in great pain and stress. I was scared that my shoulder will come out but every one made so much efforts to bring me back to do the things which I was not able to manage. The atmosphere and the staff has such pleasing social contacts that I was looking forward for my next visit. I am really thankful to all of you for the efforts they have done. I will miss all of you who looked after me so well that most of my pains have gone. Thanking you all again. I wish all of you happy life. God bless all of you." - R.M.

"Many thanks to everyone at Loudoun Physical Therapy for working so hard in getting me back to good health after back surgery. You became my family and truly cared about my success. It was a long road to recovery, but thanks to the work of all of you, I made it! I am now able to do my job without pain, enjoy many of my previous activities, and take part in life again! Thank you!" - L.D.

"I had been having neck and shoulder pain for 6-7 months. Put up with very limited range of motion and lots of pain. Finally agreed to Physical Therapy and Dry Needling. After my 1st dry needling appointment, I had almost full range of motion back in my right shoulder. There was less tension and was able to lift my arm up without any pain. By the 3rd week of therapy I had no pain at all and needed to work on strengthening my arm." - B.P.

"I hobbled in here bothered by old dance injuries topped off with a brand new torn calf muscle, and am walking out weeks earlier than I expected, already back to hiking and dancing with no pain! The therapists here are fantastic and I've had a great time working with them. It's amazing how much fun and laughter can be involved in jumping up and down off a step, even if they do make you do it for, like, ever. The impromptu karaoke bits are pretty great too. I've learned a lot here: how silly I look doing grapevines, how to pretend I can still breathe after the 20th step-jump, how ticklish my knees are, and how much fun standing on the "furniture" is. Oh, and how to take what I've learned here home and protect myself from future injuries (I promise to never again finish a run after turning my ankle, cross my heart). Not that I'd be sorry to come back to see any of these guys again. Also, the cupping is crazy good! P.S. Thanks for the birthday muffin! You guys are wonderful!" - R.P.

"I had 3 weeks to increase my flexibility in my hamstrings, glutes, and calves for a sit & reach test. The circumstances were exigent for me - if I didn't receive the minimum passing score, I would have to leave the training program I was about to start. The care I received from the clinicians, plus doing the stretches I was assigned helped me gain an amazing amount of flexibility and the confidence I needed to know I could pass the flexibility test. The level of knowledge of the staff is a huge, if not the only reason, I made a remarkable amount of progress in a short amount of time. I can't thank them enough for helping me!" - M.D.

"When I started therapy I had a hard time folding clothes, washing dishes, driving 20-30 minutes in the car, and picking up my 30lb daughter. After doing 3x/week for 4 weeks I felt a difference. Even after the first 2 weeks I felt like I was able to stand up straight and sit up straight. After 2 months of therapy I feel back to normal and can do my normal activities. The exercises were difficult at first but after the first two weeks I started to loosen up and strengthen my core. Everyone was great to work with and I will miss coming for care. My therapist was awesome and helped me improve very quickly. Thank you to everyone!" - K.C.

"My experience with Loudoun Physical Therapy has been totally positive from day one. My therapist spoke with me at length to understand from my perspective the problems I was having. She began immediately to enter in with my problems with balance and gait. I had a recent fall outside, along with arthritic knees, has left my left leg with pain and balance issues. The entire staff is truly pleasant, professional, and exceptional in its ability to deal with my individual needs. Four sessions later, I feel much improved and more confident in walking outside again. My balance seems improved as well. I have also learned things to help myself at home as I continue to improve. I am so grateful to have found LPT." - L.L.

"Started therapy with back pain and ended up with no pain. Success!!! Thanks to a great staff!" - C.F.

"My experience at Loudoun Physical Therapy has been exceptional. During a lifetime of high demand sports, including ice hockey, downhill ski racing, and slalom water skiing, I have had numerous injuries and medical care. This injury, a high calf pull was extremely painful and took place after ski racing this season and ice hockey. LPT followed a doctor visit and all the PTs did a great job repairing the injury. All the PTs are knowledgeable and professional as well as their assistants. Thanks for getting me back to my sports!" - D.S.

"I hurt my knee in karate and tried to tough it out. Work and playing with my kids became very painful. My sessions with Purvi and Nina get me back to playing with my kids and back into karate. Thanks!" - L.P.

"It's been nothing less that amazing. My pain was so bad when I began coming in and since has turned into a very manageable pain. The exercises you showed me are working. So excited to feel better again. Thank you." - J.S.

"I signed up because I have excruciating (at times) pain in my right shoulder and going down my arm all the way to my thumb and index finger. Also, much pain in my shoulder. The staff couldn't be better In the care they have given. I give them an excellent rating." - E.M.

"Coming there for right shoulder pain and limited ROM. The pain is still there, but the ROM has improved to 100%. I have full ROM." - B.P.

"My problem began with a sciatica "attack" that left me with pain and weakness on the right side. My therapist identified many of the causes of pain, and between very effective massage and exercises at your facility, I got some new exercises for home use. Difficult to be sure of cause and effect, but the pain is all but gone, and the weakness appears to have gotten somewhat better. I understand that some things take a while, so I'm not expecting rapid restoration of strength, but I look forward to small improvements over the next few weeks of therapy and then over a few months of applying what I've learned." - M.L.

"It has been wonderful. My therapist is a hard trainer but effective. I have learned many ways of doing things differently. I hope to continue my progress!" - J.J.

"I really enjoyed working with each and every one at Loudoun Physical Therapy. I saw a new therapist who did my dry needling as well as one visit. She was wonderful, read my chart and read my MRI results which made me feel like she really wanted to be sure to give me the right care. During my dry needling she was really attentive to how I was feeling through the whole process and wanted to ensure I was comfortable. My therapist assistant was amazing, she really helped progress me while I was there, always adding new challenges for me to do each day and really pushing me to my limits which was helpful. She was always really attentive and really listened to me when I would discuss different problems/issues. I saw her multiple times while I visited the center. She always went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable. My usual PT was great, she did my initial intake and wanted to ensure I felt comfortable with the whole process. I saw her for a majority of my visits as well but sometimes didn't due to conflicting schedules. She was really caring. She cared about how I was feeling and really wanted me to progress. The assistant was great! He was always there to help and let me do my exercises on my own with little assistance from him except when asked. He was always there to help anytime I needed him even if there were 10 other people that needed his help he was always there. Again the staff has been wonderful and amazing at supporting me while going through this process as I was very skeptical in the beginning but have new found understanding and love for physical therapy!" - C.G.

"Everything is going great. Everyone is very nice and helpful in my recovery. I think the way they slowly increase the weights and exercise is helping as well." - K.C.

"Excellent! Could not be any better." - S.W.

"My therapist's dry needling has given me comfort in my knees and shoulders. I can sleep without using ice or heat. Outstanding job. She has a God given gift." - J.R.

"I really do look forward to PT! It's not easy, but I am seeing improvements. I'm slowly strengthening my core through exercises that are carefully thought out by each therapist. They pay very close attention to my pain management and make effective changes to therapies as needed. I am very impressed with all staff members, they are very kind and pleasant to work with." - M.M.

"I've been to other PT practices before. I'm more impressed with Loudoun Physical Therapy than the others. My therapist really knows what she is doing. She is very nice, professional, and intelligent. The practice is run very well and has convenient locations." - M.S.

"Bottom line up front: Thanks to everyone for helping me regain functionality after having my left shoulder replaced on 12/1/15. The care was professional and the staff provided a relaxed environment which made each visit as pleasant as possible when one takes into account 'no pain - no gain". Just as my wife had recommended Loudoun Physical Therapy to me, I will recommend it to others. Again, a special thanks to my therapist." - G.H.

"I'm totally happy with the progress of the healing of knee. Both the Aqua and land therapy staff were very good in their instruction and follow up. Especially helpful was my therapist and therapist assistant!! All staff were very interested in me and my progress - a real caring shown. Other kudos to the rest of the practice. I'm thrilled with my recovery!" - E.C.

"I had bursitis in my right hip for about 2.5 years. Tried to ignore it but it slowly became very painful. I had neer been to physical therapy. Everyone here was very nice and competent. Within a week, I was feeling less pain. I was taught to do exercises that I will continue twice a day. Within a month, I have more mobility and strength. Thanks for everything." - C.V.

"I feel so much better then when I came in here. Bit scary at first because of the pain. Then I met all the people who helped me where I am now. Everybody was so kind and helpful... it takes very special people to do this job and do it so well! All were very respectful - friendly - very kind and mindful. Thank you so much!" -R.K.

"Loudoun Physical Therapy changed my life, I can finally lift again, thanks to my therapist." - N.L.

"This is my second experience with Loudoun Physical Therapy. I kept on coming back because of the people working here were very nice and accommodating. They will never fail listening and attending all your needs. I thank you all for bringing my energy back. I felt so wonderful that I can do my usual physical activities. And I thank my therapist for taking care of me. She's very dedicated in her work and a beautiful person with a heart. Thank you all for assisting me in all my exercises. Kudos! to Loudoun Physical Therapy for bringing wonderful and dedicated people in your company." -I.P.

"I feel 100% better than when I started PT. The staff here have been so helpful. You guys saved me!!!" - C.C.

"I had a great experience here. I felt that the PT, PTA, and assistants were very knowledgeable and helpful. I made progress and if I need physical therapy in the future, I will definitely come back. If I know of anyone who is in need of PT, I will recommend Loudoun PT. Also each time I came for my PT everyone was well organized with their time no matter how busy it was. I never had to wait long for help with my PT exercises. Everything was clean (tables, towels, equipment, etc.) and I always felt good vibes going on throughout every visit. Friendly atmosphere." - B.B.

"My therapist's dry needling has given me comfort in my knees and shoulders. I can sleep without using ice or heat. Outstanding job. She has a God given gift." - J.R.

"I started this program in October 2015 with 6 broken ribs and a fractured scapula on my left side. My right side suffered from pain in my neck and right shoulder down to my fingers in my right hand. Today (6 months later), I can move freely without pain. I have been able to work with appliances and enjoy my recreational activities with little or no pain. I am very thankful to the techs and therapists who have taken extra care and effort to help me with my injuries. They are miracle workers." - L.M.

"When I started my PT, 1 month after rotator cuff surgery, I did not imagine how much progress could be made in such a short time. Within two months of starting my PT, my functionality improved dramatically. The care provided by Loudoun PT was excellent and I attribute much of my progress to their treatment. Everyone at Loudoun PT treated me with respect and very professionally. I am very happy with my progress." - R.S.

"So when I first came in to physical therapy, I thought it was going to be impossible to go back to the way I used to be. I remember my first day as being the most painful and stressful day. Including the next few weeks after that. But then my knee started feeling stronger again thanks to all the amazing therapists that helped me through this. I definitely feel a lot stronger than my first day here and is so blessed to be able to do more thanks. I want to thank all of my therapists for helping through this impossible journey and putting all their work and effort into me. I can't wait to go back to my normal activities. Even though I've been here for sooo long, I'm still sad to be leaving because this has been a fun and enjoyable experience. I would recommend this place for anybody who needs help. Thank you all!!!" - P.S.

"This was my third or fourth round of PT here and as usual it was very successful. I have had PT elsewhere and Loudoun Physical Therapy is far and away better. The therapists are very professional as are the techs. The atmosphere is warm and friendly with everyone's attention focused on the patient. I would highly recommend Loudoun PT to anyone (as I have several times). I hope I won't need your services again, but if I do, I'm sure the results will be just as good." - M.R.

"I really do look forward to PT! I's not easy, but I am seeing improvements. I'm slowly strengthening my core through exercises that are carefully thought out by each therapist. My therapist pays very close attention to my pain management and makes effective changes to therapies as needed. I am very impressed with all staff members, they are very kind and pleasant to work with." - M.M.

"Excellent! The entire staff is wonderful!" - S.S.

"Starting requires an understanding of whats in store and it came across very well. As I progress, I can see what they are doing and how they are going to get you there… So far so good!" - B.L.

"Outstanding set of exercises and massages. Knew exactly how to approach and solve the problem. Exercises were easy to do but targeted the sore spots and resulted in my back being no longer sore and stiff. The staff was a delight!" - R.S.

"I started at Loudoun Physical Therapy with pain in the knees. Thanks to Loudoun Physical Therapy, I was able to establish a training program to strengthen my lower extremities. I have been able to run in comfort again and feel great. I have a great workout and am able to enjoy my outdoor activities again." - J.K.

"My therapist is absolutely the best! So patient, friendly, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Loudoun Physical Therapy. They helped me with Vestibular Imbalance and even made rehabilitation fun." - S.M.

"My therapist is wonderful. She helped me so much last June with PT when I had an issue with my knee and could barely walk. Thank you!" - M.W.

"The team at Loudoun Physical Therapy cares about who I am, learns my body language, and can read my face/voice because they're invested in more than my physical recovery. We've shared stories, pictures of family, sports, politics, life, home remedies, etc. This is what makes LPT staff unique. They are about knowing their patient beyond their physical treatment." - R.M.

"We LOVE Loudoun Physical Therapy and it's a GREAT team!" - B.E.

"My wife and I have been coming to Loudoun Physical Therapy on and off for over 4 years for various different injuries. The therapists here really devote their attention to clients and their needs rather than talking about their own personal issues." - M.R.

"I have been coming to Loudoun Physical Therapy for a month now. I am very happy with my therapist and look forward to coming." - H.S.

"The therapists at Loudoun Physical Therapy are very competent and have really helped me a lot since my spinal fusion." - S.J.

My experience here has been very successful - despite the interruptions in the first few weeks of my therapy. It has truly been good for me in many unexpected ways: 1) After surgery for torn meniscus of the right knee, I expected to need strength training. Although I often joked (semi-seriously) about my ability to trip over a yellow line in the parking lot, I had no idea how poor my balance was until being tested here - I realized that my balance was poor - or close to - my father's was when he was receiving PT after a few falls - he was in his late 80's!! - Scary!! (and very motivating!!) 2) It was also important for me - an impatient person - to see small, but positive improvement over time - with effort and consistency - (I still think of myself as that 20-30 yr old who could run 2 miles anytime without training) Ha!! Everyone has been supportive, encouraging, and I really will miss coming here. - M.W.

When I came in November, with a running injury, it was my first injury and I was in s much pain, I thought the pain would never go away. I never had been in physical therapy and did not know what to expect. I felt so taken care of from my first appointment, at the assessment I was told it was probably an IT Band injury and as a new runner I just ran through the pain. I learned how to foam roll and followed up with therapy 3x a week for about 5 weeks. Each visit I felt better, continued exercises at home and by end of December was pain free. Special thanks to everyone for their support. I really can't thank the team enough. - B.B.

I have successfully rehabbed and recovered from 4 hip surgeries. I recovered in half the time my doctor said I would. I am currently getting my ankle sprain and torn ligaments to 100%. - K.S.

I just had my first dry needling session. I noticed that later on that night my knee seemed to be more flexible and I could bend it with more ease and with less pain. Today at therapy, my knee measurement registered at 125 where previous recorded flexibility was barely 120. I plan on having additional sessions. - P.L.

The entire team was excellent. They took the time to work with me and help me reach my recovery goal. I expect to be back on the Appalachian Trail in April (5 months post op from a right total hip replacement). My therapist was also helpful during my prep for surgery - we met for a consult before surgery - everyone should. While I hope that I will not have additional surgery or require physical therapy, this office and the team will be my PT of choice. - M.M.

"Two years ago, I thought my life was over, and my children were suffering along with me. Without your help, I know I would have been facing surgery for my chronic back pain. I cannot describe what you have given back to me and my family. Because of your help, we will be able to have another child. No amount of money can ever repay you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - M.G.

"I was hurting when I started therapy I can now drive and do things I like. Thank you all!" - R.S.

"I was in a car accident about a month ago and sprained my shoulder and pulled a muscle in my neck. My pain has decreased about 80% and I still have a few sessions to go so I'm sure I will feel 100% after. I am very happy that I chose to do PT here and would highly recommend this practice to anyone in need. Thanks!" -S.A.

"My lower back was injured in a fall and although nothing was broken, I was having a great deal of pain and mobility problems. With physical therapy and deep massage, I am now stronger than ever and able to resume all my previous activities." - M.L.

"I honestly love coming to my PT sessions. The staff is friendly and amazing." - D.K.

"Thank you for getting me back on my feet after my spinal fusion!" - M.P.

"We are like family here. My therapist has a God-­given talent. I feel so much better now and can't wait until I can do dry needling again. I love how I feel afterward." - J.R.

"I've had a great experience at Loudoun Physical Therapy. The physical therapists are excellent, caring, and very friendly, as are the staff. Physical therapy has enabled me to grow stronger and given me the skills to maintain strength and flexibility, without pain. I highly recommend Loudoun Physical Therapy." - S.J.

"Serious help for my back issues which I desperately needed. I have been very pleased with the help I have received. The help is also not for the short term but to also what I can do to feel better now and after the PT work is completed." - S.A.

"Experience has been very good. My therapist has put me on a program of strengthening and stretching that is helping manage my plantar fasciitis pretty effectively. I never would have known how important strength and flexibility in my hips is without their help." - T.M.

"Everyone was great and friendly. I am very satisfied with my therapy. All should be commended and receive a nice raise and Christmas bonus." - J.P.

"Loudoun Physical Therapy started working on my knee 2 months ago. This was my second knee replacement and I've come a long way since I first walked into therapy. I couldn't have been more pleased with everyone at LPT. Professional, kind, and knowledgeable. Thanks for all your help!" - D.K.

"The staff at Loudoun Physical Therapy are outstanding. I can't think of any way or thing they could do to improve their business. It's really fun to come here and know you are doing something to make yourself better. They are the best!" - D.H.

"Everyone at Loudoun Physical Therapy was extremely positive, friendly, and helpful. I feel this contributed so much to my recovery from hip surgery." - T.D.

"I had an excellent experience, and I am very happy with all personnel in there." - G.R.

"Beginning physical therapy, I was having trouble regaining simple things such as getting out of chairs, cooking (leaning over the counter) and putting on my socks. My ability to lean over counters or folding clothes has improved greatly. Flexibility is still challenging but with much less pain. My back doesn't feel as stiff and the numbness at the base of my spine is going away." - D.H.

"I began my PT very weak and progressed over the months to almost full functionality! Thanks to my therapists and all the other wonderful empathetic staff for aid in my recovery. Everyone was great! As a nurse, it was a very rewarding experience!" - I.K.

"I sustained a low back strain which resulted in some muscle spasms. It was difficult to put on socks and tie shoes, let alone continuing my workout routine. I coach high school basketball and needed to get back on the court with no restrictions. The staff here did an amazing job of speeding my recovery. I experienced significant relief after a few sessions. The provided excellent instructions and exercise, to do on my own to strengthen my low back and help prevent recurrences. I feel confident in the home exercise program I'm leaving with. Handouts and video demonstrations were very useful. I will return here with any future PT needs, and I highly recommend this branch." - T.B.

"The experience at Loudoun PT is quite an experience! From the skilled and knowledgeable staff to the relaxed but energetic and very friendly atmosphere, each visit is something to look forward to. When I started at LPT, I had a very nagging leg pain that made it difficult to walk long distances and to get into and out of my car. After about 6 weeks the pain dissipated significantly and with the "homework" provided by LPT I expect to be able to maintain my pain-free mobility. Thanks to everyone at LPT." - A.H.

"LPT has a great staff who are dedicated to wellness. Both sets of sessions resulted in relief of neck and back respectively. I will be back post op!" - M.W.

"I came in with limited mobility in my shoulder. Thank to my therapists, my pain and mobility are back!" - F. F.

"I have been treated for sciatica on the right side. I have had such a positive experience from day 1. The care of my injury was spot on. It was also the people who have worked on me and techs who have given me emotional support and encouragement and comfort. They have taught me how to take care of my body, what to watch and how to say, "This needs rest and that's ok." The front staff is friendly and supportive. I have been challenged, educated, and loved by the staff. I will miss them all. This has been a great place to heal." - J.A.

"7 years of working at a computer had caused tightness and bulking up of my trapezius muscle across the top of my shoulders and back. Then 1 night of vomiting with a stomach virus resulted in spasm of that muscle with pain and a visible change in shape at the base of my neck in back. My therapist identified not only the muscle groups involved in the spasm but all the other muscle groups in my back that had become weaker over the past 7 years. He taught me how to stretch to relax the trapezius while also strengthening the weak back muscles to better support my torso, neck and head. My therapists found and resolved knots in the trapezius over multiple sessions of manual therapy, while the entire team ensured I was learning and performing my exercises and stretches properly. My pain resolved, I have healthier positioning habits while working on my computer and my upper back deformity is resolved (it was all muscular). Thank you!" - S.G.

"A fall caused my SI joints on both sides to become misaligned. My therapist was able to manipulate my SI joints back into alignment the 1st session. She then taught me how to strengthen the core muscles around my pelvis to give additional stability to decrease the likelihood of those SI joints becoming misaligned again. My pain greatly reduced with that 1st session then steadily improved each week as the original inflammation resolved. Thank you!" - S.G.

"Best outcome: I know how to prevent and/or treat knee pain, to minimize the pain, and build up the muscles in anticipation of surgery. That has a big effect on morale - feel less helpless, and more confident of physical capability. Also appreciate now found knowledge of physiology of hip and knee interaction." - S.D.

"When I started PT at Loudoun Physical Therapy, I had great difficulty walking due to my plantar fasciitis. I am so much better now and am able to go for my walks with little discomfort. Thanks so much to all the staff at Loudoun Physical Therapy!" - G. D.

"I would like to thank all the staff at Loudoun Physical Therapy for all the support and help they provided to my wife who is a little deficient with her neurological problems. They were very caring and considerate with the exercises. The bottom line is that it helped her walking and balance. She is now able to get out of bed without pain. Her back now allows her to do tasks she could not do before." - W.R.

"I have received excellent treatment from the therapists. They are always friendly, cheerful, well-organized, and always concerned about my well-being. My therapist has been an outstanding therapist. Always kind and patient, helping me in every way. He is wonderful. I hope you will offer him a position, he deserves it." - R.R.

"Everyone was extremely professional, caring, and attentive. Made extensive progress throughout the course of my treatments. The dry needling was extremely successful. The massage was tough but wonderful. Both massage and exercise were very effective. Overall, my experience was wonderful. The whole staff was very friendly and helpful. I would fully recommend this organization." - L.N.

"I want to thank the staff at Loudoun Physical Therapy for all their help in getting my shoulder to work normally. The staff works very hard and always has a smile on their face and are cheerful." - J.P.

"After my car accident 7 years ago, I have tried 4-5 other PT places - Loudoun Physical Therapy is by far the BEST!" - S.D.

"Thanks for all of you. I came here two months ago with my shoulder pain which bothered me a lot and I couldn't move my arm at all. After two months of therapy here, I have recovered. I can do anything now and have come back to the tennis court. I appreciate all of you. My therapists are wonderful and professional. The front desk staff are friendly when arranging my therapy schedule. Many thanks and best wishes." - S.W.

"I have been with this company for 2 months and I find them to be very professional. I would recommend this company, Loudoun Physical Therapy, to friends and/or family. I feel much better than I did when I started." C.W.

"I feel very good to take physical therapy. It's my first time for me and I think that my therapist is making a good job for me. I feel much better now. My pain, I think, is going away and day-by-day is going away totally." - E. C.

"I'm very glad that I chose Loudoun Physical Therapy to help me when I began having numbness and tingling pain along my arm. Everyone there is extremely knowledgeable and experienced, and they helped me understand my problem and successfully deal with it. They provided education along with the therapy to prepare me to deal with my condition long-term. Thanks to everyone. I am feeling much better and able to resume work and recreational activities. Teamwork is another one of their specialties. Thank you so much and GO TEAM!" - N. J.

"I am so grateful for my physical therapist and her team who have always been professional and knowledgeable with what exercises and treatment that was needed for my great results. Thank you." - M. B.

"Physical therapy was very successful -- always kind and pleasant - I would recommend you all. Thank you." - P. W.

"For approximately six weeks before coming to Loudoun Physical Therapy, I was having dizzy episodes when I first got out of bed every morning and after standing up after sitting for over 30 minutes. I tried chiropractic for a few sessions without any relief. My family doctor sent me to get a CT scan and ultrasound and both showed my brain and skeletal system to be normal. My doctor then prescribed a series of vestibular rehabilitation therapy sessions. At my first session, my therapist began a series of evaluations to determine the extent and possible cause of the dizziness. After the first session, I did not feel any better. After the second session, all the dizziness went away and I felt normal. I am continuing a few more sessions." - D. G.

"I started therapy because of shoulder pain. I couldn't sleep or do day-to-day activities as much as I used to, and couldn't hold my child too. Throughout all the time, everyone was so nice and compassionate and wanted to help so much without letting me take shortcuts. They talked and consulted with me about the training and the progress that I should experience and guided me to reach to the expectations of being a functioning personal with almost no pain. Thank you all for being awesome people and professional!!!" - R. M.

"I came in initially with a significant amount of stiffness and general discomfort. I wasn't able to do any of the things I loved and my work life was suffering. Thanks to all of the staff at Loudoun PT, I'm happy to say I'm back to doing what I love and enjoying work! Thank to everyone!" - R. R.

"When I first came to LPT I had knee and hamstring pain that prevented me from doing some activities. After about 6 weeks working with my therapist, my pain has been reduced to the point where I do not feel limited in any significant way. My therapists were very attentive to my needs at all times." - R. S.

"Diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, I opted for PT instead of fusion surgery. After only 2 weeks (4 sessions) my back pain has diminished to almost nothing. My flexibility has increased and overall approach to non-surgical wellness remains positive. I am able to engage in strenuous activities without the fear of ending up flat on my back for two days. I look forward to progressing and again, engaging in sports again!" - R. R.

"My therapists worked with me at the pool and was very considerate of my difficulty in balancing myself. She took extra time with me and was very kind. My other therapists were also very kind and made me feel comfortable. She took extratime and was extremely patient with me. I would also like to thank the techs for their help at the pool. Lastly, the front desk has been very kind and helpful every time I have called or come into the office. Thanks to everyone at Loudoun Physical Therapy for being so patient and kind." - D. L.

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