Aquatic Therapy: Just Keep Swimming

First, let’s talk about what aquatic therapy actually is. Aquatic therapy is a one-on-one experience at a therapy pool where a Physical Therapist or Physical Therapist Assistant prescribes and supervises exercises specifically for you to help improve your strength, balance, pain levels and muscle tension. 

Aquatic therapy is performed in a therapy pool. The biggest difference between a therapy pool and a regular pool is the water temperature. A regular pool is typically around 83 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas a therapy pool is around 90 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Why the difference in water temperature? Warmer water helps facilitate muscle relaxation as well as increases peripheral circulation. 

As you can imagine, there are various benefits of aquatic therapy. Let’s discuss a few of these. Besides warmer water being helpful for muscle relaxation, it also is helpful for those with a lack of balance or coordination. Due to the viscosity of the water, it helps promote resistance for strength training. Combine warm water and gentle resistance and you get gentle strength training without causing further damage to tissues that are healing. 

In the water there’s a reduction of gravitation forces. This means that someone who may have difficulty walking on land will have decreased pain and sensitivity and increased ability to walk in the water. 

In the water, a person is naturally buoyant. The increase in buoyancy reduces gravitation pull and lessens compressive forces overall. This means the joints support the body’s weight better overall in the water. 

The water is safe and effective for helping injuries heal while also maintaining mobility. But is aquatic therapy for you? 

Aquatic therapy can be beneficial to individuals recovering from all phases of injury and for a variety of conditions including chronic pain, post-surgical, non-surgical, orthopedic, rheumatologic, and neurological conditions. Aquatic therapy will help you build your strength while decreasing pain levels. 

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Joriana Anderson Physical Therapy Assistant

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