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Did you know that water is the most potent healer when it comes to specific injuries or conditions? At Loudoun Physical Therapy in Leesburg and Lansdowne, Virginia, patients can benefit from water-resistance and low-impact aquatic exercises to gain more mobility and strength in their bodies. As one of the few practices in the area that offers this service, Loudoun Physical Therapy offers aquatic therapy at both of our locations. In conjunction with land-based therapy ― or by itself ― aquatic therapy can address your specific issues in a gentle, restorative way. Call our office to find out how aquatic therapy can benefit you. We also service the nearby cities of Ashburn, Sterling, Purcellville, Lovettsville, Reston, and Dulles.

Aquatic Therapy Q & A

What is aquatic therapy?

Aquatic therapy consists of a combination of low-impact exercises that utilize resistance from the water’s flow to help relax the body and provide gentle relief. The programs are designed to meet your specific needs and all of the exercises are performed in a temperature-controlled (92-94 degrees) pool under the direction and supervision of a physical therapist.

It is the therapeutic properties of the water combined with the skill and specialized training of the aquatic therapist that helps patients improve their mobility and function. You don’t have to be a swimmer to participate in or benefit from water therapy.

What conditions does aquatic therapy treat?

Aquatic therapy is used to treat a variety of different conditions or injuries. You may be a good candidate for aquatic therapy if you have:

  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Low back dysfunction
  • Post-surgical reconstruction and debridement
  • Total joint replacement
  • Chronic pain
  • Laminectomies
  • Pre- and post-partum pain
  • Muscle strains
  • Ligament sprains

Aquatic therapy is also appropriate and helpful if you’re a deconditioned athlete or if you have a low tolerance to land exercises.

What are the benefits of aquatic therapy?

Aquatic therapy can provide many benefits when it comes to physical recovery, especially after surgery or another rehabilitation program. When started early, this type of treatment can significantly decrease your overall rehabilitation time and ease the pain or sore muscles or inflammation. Some of the other advantages of aquatic therapy are:

Increase in joint flexibility

Buoyancy offers a tremendous advantage because it reduces the effects of gravity, allowing for increased range of motion in your joints. Water also allows the affected body part to float, making it easier and less painful to move. The warmth of the water also helps to relax muscles that are sore or tight.

Increase in muscle strength

Water is over 600 times more resistant than air, and it also resists rapid movement. Using specific resistance exercises, you can build the strength of weakened muscles in the pool.

Improved balance

The uniform pressure of the water and its buoyancy provide support to the body, allowing you increased time to react without the fear of falling or getting hurt.

Aquatic Program: 

Our pool sessions for our aquatic patients are held at Lansdowne Resort in Lansdowne and Ida Lee Recreation Center in Leesburg: 

Lansdowne Resort: Tues & Thurs, starting from 8:00 AM 

Where: Lansdowne Resort Health Club Indoor Pool Facility, 44050 Woodridge Parkway, Lansdowne, VA 20176

Ida Lee: Mon, Wed, & Thurs, at 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Where: Ida Lee Park Recreation Center, 60 Ida Lee Drive NW, Leesburg, VA 20176

Loudoun Physical Therapy prides itself on providing a family-like atmosphere, specializing in hands on treatment, and getting you back to your regular activities with a healthy body as quickly as possible. Loudoun Physical Therapy has locations in Leesburg and Lansdowne servicing nearby cities of Ashburn, Sterling, Purcellville, Lovettsville, Reston, Dulles, Herndon, Roundhill, Fairfax, Manassas, and Washington D.C.