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Did you know that needles have the power to stimulate, repair, and heal the body? Trigger point dry needling is just one of the many cutting-edge services you’ll find at Loudoun Physical Therapy in Leesburg and Lansdowne, Virginia. With dry needling, you can relieve the muscle tension and inflammation that often result from injuries or chronic pain. To learn more and schedule your first session, call the office to book an appointment today. We also service the nearby cities of Ashburn, Sterling, Purcellville, Lovettsville, Reston, and Dulles.

Dry-Needling Q & A

What is trigger point dry needling?

Trigger Point Dry Needling (TPDN) is a therapy used to treat muscular tension and spasms, which are a common side effect of injuries and chronic pain.

Inflammation happens when damaged tissue adapts a state of protective tension to guard against further damage. As a result, it’s harder for oxygen-rich blood to reach the injury and also for waste products to leave the injured tissue. The injury site, now decreased in oxygen, produces fibrosis or scar tissue. This limits the ability of the tissue to fully function properly.

Trigger point dry needling is an effective way to treat trigger points present in the muscle tissue and stimulate repair and healing.

Physicians have used trigger point therapy for many years, mostly to deliver a local anesthetic directly into the trigger point through an injection.

Does trigger point dry needling hurt?

A trigger point needle does not have a sharp, cutting edge the way a hypodermic needle does. Similar to acupuncture needles, trigger point needles are smaller and specialized, which make them less painful than the needles you might be used to from getting shots or vaccinations.

Your practitioner inserts the needles directly into a trigger point on the muscle tissue, which immediately stimulates the body’s healing response and helps to reduce inflammation and pain.

What results can I expect from trigger point dry needling?

With trigger point dry needling, there is no medication required to alleviate muscle tension, and patients often experience incredible results.

In addition to addressing the trigger points within muscles, it’s also important to correct postural alignment and strengthen muscle weaknesses that may contribute to your symptoms.

Your therapist identifies and corrects inefficient movement patterns and postural deficits to improve your recovery.

Your results from trigger point dry needling also depend on how closely you follow a therapeutic exercise program. Working with your therapist, you’ll focus on correcting muscle imbalances, decreasing stress on the joints, and strengthening the areas that help to stabilize the body. It’s important to have strength and balance in your trunk and neck, which support your spine and allow your body to perform as efficiently as possible.


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