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Neck pain is a typical problem for many adults, especially if you work in front of a computer or spend many hours hunched over your phone. At Loudoun Physical Therapy in Leesburg and Lansdowne, Virginia, you'll find relief from neck pain through a customized treatment program. With an expert staff and a wide range of therapeutic healing services, you can make a full recovery and quickly return to your normal routine. To learn more about neck pain treatments at Loudoun Physical Therapy, schedule a consultation by calling the office today. We also service the nearby cities of Ashburn, Sterling, Purcellville, Lovettsville, Reston, and Dulles.

Neck Pain Q & A

What causes neck pain?

Your neck includes an intricate maze of nerves, muscles, and bones that support your head and connects your cervical spine to the base of your skull. Neck pain can develop if there is injury or trauma to any part of this area, including your back or shoulders.

Acute neck pain comes on suddenly and may result from an accident or injury. Chronic neck pain lasts much longer, sometimes over the course of several months or years.

The most common causes of neck pain are:


  • Accidents or injury ― A sudden impact, like whiplash, or a blow to the neck or shoulders can cause neck pain.
  • Arthritis ― This chronic condition causes inflammation in the neck that creates recurring pain.
  • Disc problems ― Disc degeneration or herniated discs can create chronic neck and back pain.
  • Posture ― Constant slouching or poor posture puts pressure on the spine and causes pain.
  • Jaw problems ― Neck pain can also develop as the result of jaw problems, like teeth grinding or temporomandibular joint (TMJ or TMD) syndrome.


How does physical therapy treat neck pain?

Neck pain isn’t always a serious problem, but if you have sudden pain from an injury or chronic pain that has lasted longer than a few weeks, treatment at Loudoun Physical Therapy can help.

There are several different ways to treat neck pain. It starts with relieving your symptoms and helping you recover flexibility and mobility in your muscles and joints.

First, your practitioner may take an X-ray to determine the exact cause of your neck pain, as well as what specific muscles or vertebrae are affected. Your practitioner creates a custom treatment plan that may include several different healing modalities, including:

  • Physical therapy exercises
  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Massage therapy
  • Nerve stimulation
  • Ultrasound therapy

If you have a temporomandibular joint disorder, like TMJ or TMD, your physician can recommend specific exercises to help treat these conditions and relieve your pain.

Your treatment might also include exercises and stretches you perform at home to support your recovery.

What results can I expect from treatment?

Recovery from neck pain is different from one individual to the next. Your Loudoun Physical Therapy team can adjust your treatment plan as you go along, to ensure the best results. Many patients experience immediate relief from pain and can recover a full range of motion over time.

Without the need for surgery or drugs, physical therapy makes it possible to be completely free from neck pain.

Loudoun Physical Therapy prides itself on providing a family-like atmosphere, specializing in hands on treatment, and getting you back to your regular activities with a healthy body as quickly as possible. Loudoun Physical Therapy has locations in Leesburg and Lansdowne servicing nearby cities of Ashburn, Sterling, Purcellville, Lovettsville, Reston, Dulles, Herndon, Roundhill, Fairfax, Manassas, and Washington D.C.